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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's meet a fashion girl... Chiara Ferragni

Hi guys! First of all, I'm not gonna give any award (why I started the blog) I decided that I just gonna to show you my favorites blogs for you to love them 2!
I'm gonna start with my favorite favorite one, Chiara Ferragni from THE BLONDE SALAD.
This italian 23-years-old blogger have followers all over the world loving her stylish and btw she's a lovely girl! She also have a shoes collection.
I know, that may all of you know her, but this section of the blog called "Let's meet a fashion girl" is the section in which I'll show you the Best Fashion Blogs.
So, let's do it! Here you are some pics of TBS blog:
Now don't forget to visit her blog:


  1. Oh! I love Chiara!!! :)
    Thanks, merry xmas to you too!! I had an amazing xmas eve, and Santa has been cool with me haha
    and what about yours? x

  2. Thanks for visit :) merry xmas to you too, xxx

  3. Wooooooow, NY must be amazing in xmas! thanks for visit! xx

  4. OMG ! Do you know Chiara?? I love her!
    Thank's , merry xmas to you too !! How are you ? Sorry .. i've been missing since last two weeks , but i'm back !
    So.. have a nice day and enjoy your hollidays ;)


  5. chiara!!!! <3 she's incredible !

    your blog is very original ;-)

    this is mine : HOPE U LIKE IT!

  6. Heeey :)

    Trveling ? Hoow! that's amazing :D Where have you been ? Sorry too for answerd so late but i've been ill and i couldn't


    - ( Sorry for my awful english )

  7. she has pretty decent style xx

  8. she is so lovely and have a great sense of fashion

  9. she is amazing and sexy ! thanks to post about he blog, now i know <3


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