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Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello guys! I'm kind of busy this weeks due to I've just started my senior year, I have to update this with some TIFF photos + NYFW + LFW and so much more stuff! So much going on in the real world and I'm still in my studying bubble haha
I have to work to hard to make this work! I'm hoping to upload most of the photos this weekend, keep turned please! 
Thank you for all the visit, this blog is growing day by day and I'm completely grateful. Thank you lots!
Here a couple inspirational photos for you to keep waiting for me!


  1. Eveeee! Okay just tell me, was is it about?
    How are you doing with your classes?
    Hey I absolutely fell in love with the pic with so much heels!!! :)
    Much love girl!! xxxx

  2. It's okay with me! No problem.
    I'm good too haha and everything is fine in Spain, I'm going out right now
    We catch up later! Seeya xx


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