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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


New music revolution with this american girl. She's 25 and her real name is Elizabeth Grant. Her new single is "Born to Die". Here I let you her music video and probably a new post with her amazing photoshoots will be on soon. x
Btw, have you seen yesterday new Skins' ep?


  1. Well , I've already commented twice haha, nice Lana del Rey, I'll listen to her new album !
    Thank you for comment, there's a new post on my blog, I hope you'll like it!
    And yes, I saw Skins, how unexpected hahaha

  2. I like her music, but she really annoys me! Video Games is such a beautiful song, but she didn't write it herself. The YouTube video is made to look like it's homemade but in reality she can't actually sing at all - my brother is friends with this guy who's Dad is the producer of Saturday Night Live, and apparently she is a fake :( which is such a shame cos I like the music and she has an incredible sense of style! xo

  3. Now I see what all the rage is about!
    Her song's are great!



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